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Concierge Health & Wellness Partners

Why wait for a better version of yourself? The power to transform is in your hands, right now. With Solstice, you're not just signing up for services; you're investing in a life where excellence is the norm, and peak performance is your daily reality. We bring the transformation to your doorstep, making excuses obsolete and your goals achievable.
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Re-Energizing the
Wellness Experience.

Combining technology from wearable fitness trackers, smart scales, and smart devices

Bespoke Health and Fitness coaching by  Master Trainers with over a decade of experience.

Advanced Recovery Sessions and Injury prevention plans with our dedicated Recovery staff

Nutrition Coaching with Full Meal plans, not just a calorie goal, Supplement Coaching, Grocery Lists, and The most Advanced Nutrition Tracker on the Market.

Going Online

Join Solstice's mobile app and get fit wherever you are. Work out at home, the gym or anywhere in the world. Our app helps you with exercises, eating right, and healthy habits. You choose the time and schedule that works for you. Have fun getting healthy with Solstice. Your phone, tablet or computer is your new personal coach!

Easy to Use & Engaging

With Solstice's mobile app, your fitness journey becomes flexible and personalized. Train wherever and whenever you want, right from your phone or computer. Our real-time tracking helps you see your progress and keeps you motivated. You're never alone with in-app support from our experienced team. Stay engaged, reach your goals, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle, all with Solstice. It's like having a gym and a personal nutritionist always with you, And if you live in the Las Vegas Valley get access to On Demand in Person services at the push of a button.

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Revolutionizing Health and Fitness one rep at a time.

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