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Don't Just Live, Thrive

Why settle for mediocrity when excellence is within reach? We're not just about fitness; we're about transforming lives. With our blend of AI-driven insights, resident events, mobile providers and real coaching wisdom, we tailor every aspect of your health and wellness plan to your unique biometric profile. This isn't just personal training, nutrition or recovery; it's a comprehensive lifestyle overhaul designed to elevate your performance, heal your body, and empower you to live your best life. Why is this a big deal? Because no one else is making wellness this personal, this powerful, or this accessible. Ready to leave average behind?

Mobile App Dashboard and Smart Watch

Does this sound like you?

You're not just facing the grind of ineffective fitness routines or the maze of nutrition plans that miss the mark. You're confronting a deeper challenge within residential wellness: sky-high equipment costs, underutilized fitness centers, and the constant battle for resident retention. It's the struggle with generic wellness amenities that fail to meet the diverse needs of your community. You're dealing with the frustration of investing in equipment that doesn't get used, the headache of managing a space that doesn't inspire, and the reality of amenities that don't quite translate to resident satisfaction or loyalty. This is about more than just fitness or health; it's about crafting a residential wellness program that truly resonates with the lives, aspirations, and well-being of your residents. It's time to shift the narrative from mere amenities to meaningful experiences, transforming every aspect of residential wellness into a powerful tool for engagement, retention, and community building. Let's redefine residential wellness—not as an expense, but as an investment in the thriving heartbeat of your property.

It doesn't have to be so hard.

Fed up with costly equipment that gathers dust and amenities that don't stick? Solstice revolutionizes residential wellness, turning every dollar spent into visible, vibrant resident engagement and satisfaction. We've ditched the one-size-fits-all trap for a bespoke blueprint that magnetizes your community. With over 50 years of collective wisdom, our strategy isn't just personalized; it's a game-changer for resident retention and property appeal. Our tech isn't just advanced; it's a resident wellness revolution, making underused spaces the heart of your community. From AI-driven insights to real engagement, we transform idle investments into dynamic wellness hubs. With Solstice, you're not just offering amenities; you're creating a lifestyle magnet that residents can't resist. Welcome to the future of residential wellness, where every feature fuels not just fitness, but a thriving, loyal community. Say hello to full occupancy and a buzzing community vibe.

Tailored Strategies for Unrivaled resident experiences



Unlock a Zero-Cost Revolution: Your Gateway to Explosive Growth. Imagine turbocharging your tenant experience without spending a dime. We're flipping the script on marketing partnerships. You won't pay us; instead, we fuel your growth. No tech complications, just pure profit. With every tenant you refer, we're putting 10% back in your pocket. It's not just a partnership; it's a revenue machine, turning your community into a wellness powerhouse. Welcome to the future of collaboration. Welcome to where every referral is revenue. Let's not just grow together; let's thrive



Revolutionize Your Revenue: Elevate Your Fitness Center & Pocket 15% on Referrals. Picture this: a fitness oasis in your property, armed to the teeth with a tech suite that rivals Netflix. On-demand workouts, live video group sessions, and a treasure trove of recipes—all at your fingertips. But here’s the clincher: not only do we boost your space with our top-tier tech for $400 a month, but we also cut you in on the action with a 15% referral bounty. Plus, your tenants get a golden ticket—a free month of individual membership. Opt for the annual plan, and you're looking at a 25% savings, all in for just $3600. This isn't an expense; it's an investment in your community's health and your bottom line. Turn your fitness center from a cost center into a profit powerhouse. Ready to dominate? Let’s make wellness your wealth.



Skyrocket Your Community with Celestial: The Ultimate Wellness Ecosystem. Elevate to the zenith of community wellness with Celestial, a program that not just transforms but transcends. Enjoy a hefty 20% referral bounty, an all-encompassing tech suite that brings Netflix-style fitness, live and on-demand classes, and a treasure trove of recipes directly into your fitness center. But why stop there? Immerse your residents in unparalleled engagement with exclusive community events, electrifying quarterly fitness challenges boasting cash prizes, and premium on-demand services that cater to every wellness whim. Gift every resident a free month of Solstice, plus unlock a staggering 50% off our elite Solstice+ and Ascend coaching programs. Opt for celestial savings at $750 monthly, or ascend to fiscal wisdom with an annual leap—only $6,750. It's more than a program; it's a revolution in residential wellness, crafting communities that don't just live but thrive.

Where Excellence Meets Function

1. Customized Fitness Program

  • Competitor's Price: Over $300/month for personal training of similar caliber.

2. Personalized Nutrition & Habit Coaching

  • Competitor's Price: Around $200/month for expert nutrition and habit modification guidance.

3. Weekly Check-Ins with Elite Coaches

  • Competitor's Price: Valued at $400+/month for personalized coaching check-ins.

4. Constant Biometric Tracking

  • Competitor's Price: Approximately $100/month for comprehensive health tracking.

5. Priority Access to Premier Events & Workshops

  • Competitor's Price: Entry fees of $500+ for exclusive industry events.

6. Full Access to Coaches

  • Competitor's Price: Unlimited access at a cost of $500+/month.

7. Habit, Workout, and Nutrition Tracker

  • Competitor's Price: $10 to $50/month for advanced app functionalities.

8. Live Group Classes

  • Competitor's Price: $20 to $100/month for access to live fitness sessions.

9. On-Demand Exercise Library

  • Competitor's Price: $15 to $30/month for a comprehensive exercise content library.

10. Healthy Recipe Library

  • Competitor's Price: $10 to $20/month for exclusive nutritional resources.

11. 10% Referral Program

  • Competitor's Price: Rarely offered, but when it is, it’s less generous. Solstice rewards you for growing our community.

12. Challenges with Cash Prizes

  • Competitor's Price: Comparable challenges often require additional fees for entry, diminishing the value of any prize.


Total Competitor's Price for Similar Services: $2165 to $2310+/month

Your Solstice Experience: $25 to $750/month


Why Solstice?

Because at Solstice, we believe in rewarding your commitment to wellness and community. Beyond the unparalleled personalization and technological sophistication, we offer a 10% referral bonus, turning your network into your net worth. Plus, our challenges don’t just push you to achieve—they reward you handsomely for it.


Transform your life, inspire others, and reap the rewards.

Solstice isn't just a membership; it’s an investment in your health, your community, and your future. With Solstice, you’re not just joining a fitness program—you’re becoming part of a movement that values progress, community, and tangible rewards.

Step into a world where your wellness journey is amplified by the power of community and competition.

Where every challenge is an opportunity, and every referral pays off.

The Solstice Promise

Transform Your Property into a Wellness Oasis with Solstice. Imagine a community so vibrant, so thriving, that every resident radiates with the kind of energy that’s contagious. Where fitness transcends the gym, weaving into the very fabric of daily life, making each person not just healthier but happier, more connected. Solstice isn’t merely a wellness program; it’s the cornerstone of a lifestyle revolution for your property. Envision a space where every resident is empowered to become their best self - fitter, more fulfilled, and fiercely driven. This isn’t just about upgrading amenities; it’s about elevating lives, enhancing property value, and creating an environment where success and well-being are not just goals, but the standard. With Solstice, you’re not just providing a service; you’re crafting a legacy of wellness, community, and unparalleled living experiences. Welcome to the future of residential wellness. Welcome to the Solstice era.

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